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Book #1: Remain Calm

In the begining, there was confusion
Some of the early one-shot strips you can eazily ignore, but then you'll wonder why Sandra's huge...

The Cheeze Embargo
Why is it that special intrest groups get to dictate foreign policy?

To the stars
Sandra's starting to change while she and RedWolf are flying to Canmeph 2.

Road to Shotgun Shells
The only way to speed things up... is to black out. Somewhat.

Guess what species and gender Sandra really is?

Wolfskunk Customs, the short version.

Down the Rabbit Hole
Sandra, not only a herm Dryger, but a Polymorph too?

The Holocaust
Sandra's dad Ivan and RedWolf's older sib Bookworm talk of old wars.

Python, Rashana part 1
RedWolf's first true mission as an Admiral: Fix a station while researching a new mutation.

Interlude #1
A short father-sonder chat.

Python, Rashana part 2
RedWolf continues the mission, occassionally getting P.O.'ed like most Oracles do.